Dark Side Studio presents Spontaneous Order II - Gala Show

On Saturday, Sept 13th, The Dark Side Studio hosted the Gala Show for Spontaneous Order II, a workshop where a group of dancers gather to create and learn a choreography over 3 days. This intensive workshop produces a eclectic dance number that is the result of collaboration among differing minds and dance styles. 

Sahra DeRoy & Victoria Dances

Sahra DeRoy & Victoria Dances

The evening featured some solo performances from participants in the workshop as well as the Lavish student troupe and some special guests. Audra Simmons and Heather Labonté also delighted us with a duet. 

Images have been shared to Facebook in addition to a gallery on this site.



Light & Ink

I'm a member of several meetup groups dedicated to photography, some of which put on workshops. The other night I attended a workshop on Light & Ink Master Lighting Class, hosted by PRO Photo Studio Workshops. Workshops such as these are a great way to learn and push your knowledge of studio light setups. You also gain valuable experience interacting with a model to work towards getting the best images possible.

The model for Light & Ink Master Lighting Class was Theresa Manchester. She was simply wonderful to work with, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Very professional, intuitive, 

We worked through some different light setups with a mix of low-key and high-key thrown in.

model: Theresa Manchester

model: Theresa Manchester

A typical low-key setup using a soft box on the near right, with two strip on the left/right to add fill along the edges.

Fan Expo 2014

So after 4 days of wandering the halls of the Metro Convention Centre marveling at the exhibits, displays of artwork and the fantastic cosplay, I finally have the time to go through and curate some of the images.

Every convention I attend I am astounded by the creativity, skill and dedication of the cosplayers who attend.

I will be posting an assortment of images in the following locations:

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Morning at the Guild Inn

In the middle of July I took a trip to a location way in the east end of Toronto that not a lot of people seem to have ever visited, The Guild Inn. It is a wonderful bit of Toronto history located near Kingston Road and Eglington Ave E. This was an opportunity to take capture some early morning images with a very gothic feel.

The morning started nicely with some clouds and even a bit of drizzle to keep away the harsh light of the sun. That was short-lived as all too soon the sun punched through the clouds and added some harsh light.

A bit of processing and we got a nice assortment of dark and mysterious images from a secluded park filled with ruins and statues.

Selected images can be found here.