Beaver Fever 2017

TriCity Roller Derby hosted their 3rd Beaver Fever Tournament and provided roller derby fans with 3 days full of amazing games. 

Flickr Collection
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Individual Albums on Facebook
Game 1 - Ithaca vs Muddy River
Game 2 - Royal City vs Roc City
Game 3 - TriCity vs Toronto
Game 4 - Winnipeg vs Maine
Game 5 - Royal City vs Ithaca
Game 6 - Muddy River vs Roc City
Game 7 - Winnipeg vs Toronto
Game 8 - TriCity vs Maine
Game 9 - Royal City vs Muddy River
Game 10 - Toronto vs Maine
Game 11 - Roc City vs Ithaca
Game 12 - TriCity vs Winnipeg

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